Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Well he bought the TV. They snuck it into the house and waited for me to notice.
I noticed - I mean they were walking around like a mouse that had just ate the cheese from a mouse trap.
But little did I know that there was a whole host of other required elements of the new purchase.
First, we had to upgrade our cable to get the new HDTV channels. This was somewhat exciting because I now have a few new channels and most of all I have HBO. Now, this was very exciting to me because Big Love is on HBO. So far, they have only been running season one episodes, but I think I might be able to catch season two sometime in December.
We had my 12 month old nephew all last week and we watched Sprout. Wow, that is an amazing station. If I had small children that would be a must. It is clean and happy. I mean they still play Barney, but it is a lot better than some of the junk on Nick Jr.

BUT, my new stations are FitTV, Discovery Health and BBC. None of the house members like these channels so I have to sneak them in.

We also had to get the Bose 3,2, 1 system. At this point I called bullshit. I mean, do we really need all this electronic crap? The amount of money he charged I could have traveled to Europe for two weeks. His Christmas presents are complete. done. finished. coal in the stocking done. Also, this new monstrosity is a dust magnet. Every day new layer appears.

This weekend I have drill. I forgot to mention that the husband finally received his 20 year letter, so he will be hanging up is hat "beret" sometime after the first of the year.
Monday I leave for a week in Argentina.


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