Saturday, December 15, 2007

Another week vanished.
THat is exactly how I feel. the time flew by.
Everyone eas pretty busy with school and work activities. Today we have nothing planned.
The Daughter has a her math tutor coming over.
I need to make a final list of small things I need to pick over. I am happy to say the list is pretty small, just some details to take care of a few small things to make the gifts complete.
I have only two packages left to mail! Yeah.
It has been nice to read the Christmas cards and catch up with a few friends. THat is one of the things I love about the season, it forces people for the most part to catch up.

Work had been busy to get all things in order before next Friday.

I picked a few tags off our giving tree at work.
I had fun picking up some clothes, robes and hats and gloves. As much as I do not like Walmart, they really do have affordable items. They had shirts and pants for $3 each. I picked up 2 pair of pants and 3 shirts for $15 for someone that really could use them. I hope every thing fits and they are something she might enjoy.
The daugher helped collect over 150 food baskets at school. We were proud of her efforts.


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