Thursday, April 10, 2008

We are having Spring showers this morning, but up the road 20 miles form us they are having Spring snow.
So, we got the nicer end of the stick at this point.
My lawn and bushes will love the fresh rain, unfortunately my dogs will try to try track most of the mudd in the house.
Last night we shared our mission team experience at the church. We took a few videos and tons of pictures, so it was nice to share with everyone. When I get time I will have to sit down and map out what I heard, saw and experienced in further detail. But bottom line we just need to love people as Jesus did.
My daughter is taking the ASVAB tonight to see if she qualifies for a 40K bonus with the Guard and the ACT on Saturday. She has test anxiety and has nervous stomach already!
I have drill, so I am the road this weekend.
Just busy, busy.
We were audited by the IRS, so I have an appointment with the accountant in a week. The letter scared the crap out me.

My niece turns two next week and my brother turns 39. AMAZING. Time is flying.
More updates to follow.


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