Monday, April 06, 2009


mail the Easter cards, I indulged at Hallmark this weekend, but slightly disappointed in the selection. I might run to the Christian Book store at lunch.

Pick up a few things for next weekend. We will have the potluck family dinner and I am not sure what we will bring. My immediate thought is asparagus and watermelon. They can be Easter colors, pink... green...

continue to clean... this will never be complete. The new Futon mattress should be here any day from Overstock. I plan to order new curtains for downstairs this week. I am learning towards a deep cocoa. I think this will be more energy efficient from summer and winter.

continue to pay and organize the bills, still looking to make it very simple..argghh. I have been shredding like crazy and ended up clearing up a few Longaberger baskets!

I need to reach out to a handful of people and let them know what is changing around here. Sometimes it is hard to just bring the subject in convesation. Especially, if they do not understand how much the guard and reserve partcipates in the big picture. I know several people think that when President Obama says we are drawing the troops from one region, they believe the troops are coming home. Not 100% accurate at this point.

Mail package to Monroe, my brother turns 40 and Abby turns 3! My goodness... last week I found out my sister in law is having a little boy! Yeah.

I have a stack of books ready to go, the great thing is that most came from my book shelf that I have not finished. I have created a wish list on Amazon and will post that later in the summer. I have several amazing friends that are anxious to send care packages. Books, turkey jerky and trail mix! I might change my mind later.

I need to be ready to buy Mother's Day cards next week, I have a feeling the selection will be poor at the small shoppette.

One small confession... I purchased a few high end tolietries to take with me. Some yummy organic shampoo, Perlier honey hand lotion and Perlier lavendar body talc. I know how crazy this and in short order I will be using Gold Bond Powder and Suave, but a few luxuries will be nice. My daughter and I had fun picking them out, guess that is what counts! I am glad the Marshalls is on the other end of town, they have many tempting items!

Have a great week.


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