Monday, May 25, 2009

Four quick Days

I am down to just a few hours left before my pass leaves.
I have been eating like crazy. I think food is definitely the source that holds us together! Whew.
I need to do just a few last minute activities, pick up stamps and take a long hot bath. Then it is off to barracks living again.
The daughter is ready for the most part.
We had to do an impromtu front brake job on her car yesterday. It was fun to see all the uncles in the garage huddled around her car and all of the ladies in the house cooking... Between four uncles and a supervising grandpa the brakes pads were changed in no time. She will not be driving this car for months, but at least the necessary is done.
I sorted through over a month's worth of mail and cancelled the home milk delivery. So, the reality of being gone for over 9 months is here!
We printed about 150 photo's at Walgreens yesterday and I have them all put away in the album and have my stack I am taking with me ready.

Will keep you posted.

I should have the daughter's basic training address by next week, so please ping me if you want to send her a card or postcard or note. Mail is the highlight of any long term military event!

Happy Memorial Day and Thank you for Serving and Serving those that have Served.


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