Friday, March 05, 2010

My eyes on this deployment process is a bit different than most people.
First of all I am a female in a male dominated Battalion. We had 20 females deploy out of the 430 and three of them were sent home early and one had an accident while on leave not allowing her return. We did not all develop deep seeded bonds, but we are connected. Secondly, I have been on the receiving end of the soldiers coming home.I know during the next few months and even years some are really going to struggle. Some have gained things and some have lost things. Some people discovered themselves and some completely removed themselves from what they once were.Some gained courage others lost hope.
I hear the snide remarks about the required training and briefings. In reality the odds are totally against us. We will have suicides, suicide attempts, fights, arguments, and violence mixed right along with the pride of serving one's country, marriages, births and celebrations. Even if these briefings just help one person they are worth it, because we know people will need it.
I have no fear for myself, because I feel a sense of stability and security. I have a savior that loves me and that can be my rock, my refuge, my husband, my father, and my comforter. I have a support system that is eager for me to participate and jump in with them to do life.
Others do not...


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