Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mother's Day.

I am home for Mother's Day which is strange. This house has so much of my mother still left in it - it is a safe place! When I see her writing or something that she probably touch last, it just helps.
I visited both cemetaries yesterday. I had the same horrible incident happen to me again... I could not find my Dad's grave. After 10 minutes of walking in the same section I thought it was in, I went to the office to ask for assistance. I was real close, just not close enough. It made my heart to ask, but I could not find it. I was sad because the grave stones were dirty and there were no flowers. I know it is early in spring. But we have to teach the next generation to keep the graves up! Admittedly I had bought cheap flowers made from China but at least there is some color of rememberance now.
The weather was not great but the sun tried to come out but did not do a very good job of actually warming anything. They are predicting more the same for today.
I am meeting my brother and his family at church and then we are off to Toledo for eating/shopping. My niece is hilarious. Well mannered polite and pretty funny.

My vacation ends on Tuesday afternoon and I will find my new routines again.
We have showers, graduations and weddings coming up and then in the fall I want to travel again. I cannot believe Breanne is graduation and more shockingly Kara is getting married. For a thousands reason I want her to wait, but she is ready.

I need to register for my next class and begin to sort and clean! I am actually looking forward to decluttering and getting rid of extra stuff we have been walking around for years. I just need to decide the things I really want to collect. The books, winnie the pooh, black bears, GI Joe, crystal, longaberger, polish pottery and Princess House is no longer practical. I really like the idea of collecting only two dollars bills and a few nice pieces of collectibles. I honestly did not by any collectibles on the trip to Germany. Don't get me wrong the Polish Pottery was gorgeous just not practical. :) Chelsea on the other hand is begin to collect on her own! You cannot go wrong with Le Cruset!

I picked up stuff for the food bank again. The economy here is depressed for sure. But I guess not so bad them for to put up a new Walmart. But so many of the store fronts are closed and many people on unemployment. I am grateful for everything I have.


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