Monday, June 06, 2011

Cannot upload the photos until later. But the trip is going very well. There is a mixture of volunteering and cultural exchange. Yes, I am using my arabic but I still have so much to learn it is incredible. I am working in the inner city of Rabat at the IBNY street school. The children are children of beggars and they have a safe place to go during the day for education, food, clothing and a clean environment. Sadly, for their parents begging can be the best option of choice as the economy is not that great and the jobs are scarce.
Lots of singing, reading, coloring and small chit chat. They enjoy the attention and especially the singing.
The capital city is very cosmopolitan and in fact the home base does not reflect most of how Moroccans live. Which is ok. It is large home that can fit up to 30 volunteers. We are less than 1/2 that now.
We are near the ocean and there is plenty of humidity in the air.
The medina is jammed packed with vendors selling goods. Contemplating any major purchases.
We shall see the rugs do not compare to the rugs from Iraq. They are known for shoes and leather tanning.
The meals have been very tasty and have been able to eat easily with no problems.

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