Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Happy Movie

screening OCTOBER 26, 2011 6:30-830 Armstrong Hall - Colorado College

From the Academy Award® nominated director Roko Belic (Genghis Blues) comes a new cinematic adventure. HAPPY is a feature‐length documentary that leads viewers on a journey across 5 continents in search of the keys to happiness. The film addresses many of the fundamental issues we face in today’s society: how do we balance the allure of money, fameand social status with our needs for strong relationships, health and personal fulfillment?
Through remarkable human stories and cutting‐edge science, HAPPY leads us toward a deeper understanding of why and how we can pursue more fulfilling, healthier and happier lives. HAPPY takes the viewer from the bayous of Louisiana to the deserts of Namibia, from the beaches of Brazil to the mountains of Bhutan. Listen to the wisdom of a Kolkata rickshaw driver, the compassion of a volunteer at Mother Teresa’s Home for the Dying and the knowledge of some of the world’s leading happiness researchers. Witness as middle school students applaud the bravery of their classmates during a moving presentation on bullying. HAPPY combines real‐life human drama and cutting‐edge science to provide insights into the mysteries of happiness.

• Connectedness: strong relationships with friends, family and community make people
• Generosity: giving increases happiness.
• Novelty: breaking out of routine makes people happier.
• Play: people who experience physical aerobic exercise are happier.
• Flow: engaging in a fully absorbing hobby makes people happier.
• Health and Longevity: people who are happy are healthier and even live longer.
• The formula for happiness is not the same for everyone, but research shows that almost
everyone can become happier.
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