Tuesday, April 09, 2013

I am well over a 100 days into this and actually I have a lot to say. But I do not say too much.

I often think I am part of some huge social experiment and at the end a social scientist will offer some thoughtful guidance.

I am falling into many of the same routines I had before during my last deployment. Working, gym, food, conversations, chapel and reading. Trying to pick up a few foreign phrases here and there. This time the tapestry is a bit different. I can try Slovene, Italian, Dari and maybe even a few phrases from the TCNs (India and Africa). What is different is that our Slovenian Padre is Catholic. We arrived at the FOB during Easter week is has obviously a lot of moving parts. I smiled a bit when I was asked to read the Second Reading and then two days later participate in Baptism and Holy Communion Mass. Thankfully, my Catholic upbringing allowed me to fall right into the cadence. The Protestant service is led by members of the FOB or visiting chaplains. Should be interesting.

My goals in the next few weeks is to shed a little light and encourage along the way. Read a few books and have a few laughs. I described the place is Rustic Chic. The living conditions are very good surrounded by rocks and barren dusty mountains. The sunrise and sunsets are beautiful here. My primary counterpart for the next six months arrives today. We shall see.


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