Thursday, August 18, 2016

It is not pretty, but it is mine.

I made comfort food tonight. Actually, I make comfort food every night. Food is comforting.
Salmon patties are straight from my mom and simple pickles, cucumbers, radish, and cheese.
More food prep than cooking
I am in the process of using everything in the lease home as I am moving out in less than two weeks. Which by the way is completely surreal.
But I  have LOVED living in VRBO's and a fully furnished leased home this last year or so. I will have a year of something else and then see what the next chapter brings.

I am back to do doing that thing again -planning an entire year, making back up plans to plan, having the uncomfortable conversation about deployment and buying the ever important deployment socks and underwear. I am tidying up relationships that I will unpack in a year or so...or not.
My hope is to slip out as quietly as I slipped in.
I am going to miss some people significantly. And I promise,someday, I am going to tell them.
I moved new people into my will and people moved from the will.
It is all very utilitarian.


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