Sunday, September 30, 2007

Yesterday, I read a semi-controversial book.
It is the memoir of Joshua Keys
He was a member the 3rd ACR at Fort Carson.
His book talks about his harsh upbringing in Oklahoma. How he fell in love with his wife Brandi. Why he joined the Army. He enjoyed basic training and was a overall eager soldier that enjoyed the Army until he was deployed to Iraq.
He and his family now live in Canada as a deserter. He went home on R&R and could not bring himself to back to the horrors he had experienced.
The Deserter's Tale: The Story of an Ordinary Soldier Who Walked Away from the War in Iraq by Joshua Key
other opinion
I am glad I read it, but I do not believe much of it.
I am glad I got it from the library.
I am glad he has taken 4 children and wife out of the country and they feel safe.

BUT to avoid all of this he could have claimed to be a Conscientious Objector or he could have reported the infractions to his chain of command or the next level of command or to the IG or to the chaplain.


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