Saturday, September 22, 2007

a blue ornament for a blue moment

Thursday I had a meeting and I left the office feeling a little blue. I was hopeful but not cheerfully bouncing off the ceiling singing Joy to the Word!
Retail Therapy just does not do it for me, occassionally it works though. I needed to run into my favorite store Tuesday Morning for some new candles. Preferable fall candles with pumpkin and spice scents to match the crisp air and turning leaves. I love a strong aromatic pumping spice candle. Admittedly, I have been burning pine candles since July. As I was checking out I noticed a very tiny ornament sitting by itself.

IT was Polish pottery. So, I bought the first ornament of the year. I will not be buying a bunch of Christmas items this year. Last year during the after Christmas sales I stocked up on paper goods, trinkets and the like. But this baby was a gem!
It is the small things.


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