Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wisconsin reading week?
By pure coincidence I picked up two books last week that I had requested from the library.
Book #1
Reaching past the wire : a nurse at Abu Ghraib by Deanna Germain

Deanna Germain was a LTC in the Army Reserves and speaks about her tour Kuwait and Iraq. Her memoir paints her story and the events that surrounded her 15 months in country. She speaks about her co-workers and the interpreters she came to love. She speaks about carrying for enemy and the uncertainty in the beginning and how her feelings changed during her stay at Abu Ghraib. She was assigned to the prison after the scandal, and she writes about the atmosphere.

Star Tribune Article about Germain
Publisher information

Book #2
I Hear Voices: A Memoir of Love, Death, and the Radio
Jean Feraca

Jean is a Wisconsin Public Radio. I have never listened to her program, but I might try to catch it online.
Her memoir gives you a snapshot of her family, her love and her life. She is a feminist and probably votes the opposite side of the ballot that I do, but I enjoyed reading every page. Even Jean has a blog.

Both books were very enjoyable, everyone has a story to tell. I enjoy most.


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