Thursday, October 18, 2007

For the next couple of weeks I will be eating by myself a few nights a week. My husband has a evening class and the daughter is working the Burger King job.
So, I get to me make whatever I want!
I was craving hash browns on the way home from work. Hash browns are comforting to me. I tried to dial my neighbor to see if she wanted to just run out for breakfast for dinner, but no reply.
Then I remember seeing a bag in the back of the freezer earlier in the week.
I had picked up the very economical no frills Lynden Farms O'Brien Potatoes from the commissary. That was the main dish and then I sprinkled Feta cheese on top. Then I opened a can of whole cranberries as my side dish. So it was a pseudo Thanksgiving-breakfast-Feta all wrapped in a bowl meal.
My husband had warmed up Mongolian Beef from the Vietnamese Restaurant last night over the top of Ramen noodles.
Forgive me Rachel Ray and Paula Dean. More randomness to follow, I am sure.


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