Sunday, December 16, 2007

We had my nephew all weekend.
Yesterday we took him to Sams Club and he was an absolute angel. We ran into two people. One for from my husbands work. He mentioned, that we had the baby with us... hmmm. We quickly identified ourselves as aunt and uncle. Then in the check out I bump into a co-worker that has teens at the same school. She said...a baby.. did I miss something? Umm... No you did not miss a thing, this is my nephew.
Today we ran into Marshalls to buy more presents that may or may not be adequate for my daughter and sure enough an older lady was chatting up a storm with the husband in domestics. Commenting on daddy taking him shopping.... We cleared it up with her and mentioned my baby was almost 17. Babies, they are people magnets. I love it!

I have all presents wrapped! and just a few more last minute touches.
You know I am just kidding myself when I say that. I will be buying up until Christmas Eve. Even if it is just Safeway.


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