Monday, January 21, 2008

I have been wanting to post about a few things we have tried lately that we really like.
At our house we are mad consumers of stuff.
I try not to be, but it just happens.
So, I have a few recommendations.

This product might be marketed towards the younger crowd, but it is fantastic.
My daughter ate the entire pack in two days.
Earth's Best Apple Sauce Cups
Earth's Best knows that kids love to snack! That's why Earth's Best Kidz has developed Apple Sauces that provide wholesome ingredients to keep little bodies and minds growing strong. These Apple Sauces are made with 100% organic apples grown without the use of potentially harmful pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers.

According to the web ... This naturally sweet snack offers...
delicious taste and superior nutrition
no artificial colors or preservatives
no genetically engineered ingredients
kosher certification
Organically grown, without potentially harmful pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers. Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth.

It has only 50 calories per serving and a good portion of Vitamin C and it tastes great! AND believe it or not we found it at Walmart.

Alexia Foods
Every product I try, I really like. The commisary recently added mushrooms and mozzerella sticks. I know, not healthy but yummy! The bread and potatoes are wonderful
The website also has coupons alexia foods

Bertolli I really like the premade frozen Gnocci and Tomato Sauce. and they have coupons.
Website Warning - the fat content is pretty high, try not to stare directly at the package when reading.


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