Tuesday, January 08, 2008

My daughter and I got in debate and she stomped off after she saw this video on Current tv.
I have to admit the guy representing the Army towards the end of the video is not the brightest and he comes across looking like an idiot.
We need smart people to fight in GWOT. Something to think about... we can lower standards on weight, bmi, education, tattooos and criminal records; but thus far we will not budge on homosexuality. The story comments that 60% of the countries providing coalition forces in Iraq do not discriminate.
Warning - if you have a very harsh stand on Don't Ask, Don't Tell, watch with caution.

Obviously, I am not in the Infantry, so some of the concern I cannot comprehend.
BUT, if the person can gather human intel like the best of them you would think we would want that arrow in our quiver.


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