Friday, March 14, 2008

The last few weeks have been busy.
I was out for two weeks tdy and this weekend we had a huge surprise and I kept my nephew all weekend.
My brother in law had a baby last week. No one in the entire family knew that the mother of his other two children was pregnant once again. This is a very complicated relationship, but at this point everyone is getting a little frustrated.
So, now the mom is in jail and my brother in law has custody of three small children under three. Please pray for this situation and that grace and mercy fall on all involved. Baby Andrew has not spent more than one hour with his mom. I know this may seem like I am putting too much on the street for all to read, but seriously I know some of those that read this blog pray, and prayer is much needed.
This weekend I am going to head out to the thrift store and pick up some baby things and clip coupons for wipes and diapers.
The daughter has broken up with her boyfriend and put in her two weeks notice for Burger King, so things are changing for her. It is painful to watch her suffer and carry a broken heart, but I do know this too shall pass and over a course of a life time hearts are broken. So, she will begin a new chapter. I am sure it will be filled with drama, but such is life in teenage land.
I am preparing to head out for my trip in a few weeks and I am getting excited. I cannot wait to share the stories.

I did have a very strange experience and I wondering if I should address it or ignore it.
While in Washington I contacted my first cousin that I have not seen in almost 20 years. Now, we have a very informal Christmas Card relationship. Her parents are my godparents and her father is my mother's brother. The last living connection I have to my mom, so I cherish this. I sent an email saying that I would be in town with my cell number. By the third day I had not heard anything so I called and left a message. Two more days pass, nothing. Finally, I call again and she answers. She tells me that her entire family has the flu and cannot visit. I was a bit taken back and told her that I was still in town for the rest of the week and I could meet her sometime if she wanted. No further contact.
Now, part of me wants to react in a few ways. First, I want to send her mom an email and let her know the status and let her know I was not able to connect (almost like tattling on her) and the second part of me wants to buy a get well card and send it to the house and mention the fact that I was a bit stunned by the her response and hope that her house was healing well. OR should I just forget about it and contact her next Christmas?