Thursday, February 28, 2008

light hearted and funny read

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Not a Happy Camper chronicles 13-year-old Mindy’s adventures at a rainy, rundown, wildly unsupervised camp in Maine called Kin-A-Hurra, which is nothing like the fun, kosher (!), sun-soaked Eden that owner Saul Rattner advertised when he met with Mindy's parents in their New Jersey home. But Mindy refuses to spend another summer road tripping with her family or returning to her parents' childhood camps, full of mean rich girls and strict rules. So for eight eye-opening and unforgettable weeks, Mindy and her eccentric band of friends—including Autumn Evening Schwartz who claims that she communicates with the dead, and the sleep-dancing, bibliophile Betty Gilbert—keep busy feuding in color war, failing at sports, uncovering the camp's hidden past, and surviving field trips in the carbon monoxide death-trap that doubles as the camp’s van.


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