Saturday, April 19, 2008

More of the same this week.
The days went by pretty quickly. All of the progress I wanted to make has quickly slipped away.
Working on the backyard is a chore and much needed. I was able to gather up three bags last Sunday afternoon. I planted radish and lettuce. Out of the four raised beds that is the only one that is really ready. I want to get the other bed ready today and get the spinach in and maybe a few more rows of radish. I am really looking forward to the garden this year. Last year I was excited but ran out of time and focus, so the fruits are not what I had expected. After reading and researching the eating locally subject, we Could eat local in my own garden for some things!
We had snow and warm sunshine this weekend, It has been fun. Never know what to expect.
I have been busy at work and neglecting both my writing and reading.
I helped my daughter put together a care package for a friend at NTC. It was pretty fun! With all of the snack size items it is easy to send a variety.
Next week is Earth Day and I am enjoying the all of the grocer's going green, local and organic. I am going to stock up on Tuesday! We are having a recycle day at work - we can bring monitors and old printers to recycle, That would be great to get more junk out of my house!
I am thinking about joining a food co-op. I need to find out more about it, but it looks like you could save some money and get things local easily.


Blogger JZ said...

Here is the food co-op I'm thinking about signing up with:

Holler if you're interested. I'll forward you the sample weekly email they gave me when I requested info.

Saturday, April 19, 2008 10:45:00 PM  

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