Monday, September 29, 2008


I did it.
I showered early and got out of the house by 5 til 7. I grabbed my McCain & Palin sign and walked to the corner of a major intersection on my side of town and held up the sign for 30 minutes during morning rush hour. :) Admittedly, I was hesitant at first. BUT it was fine. The cool fall breeze felt great and the sun was beautiful. I did not get cussed at or arrested. I got a few nods, thumbs up and waves. More tomorrow...

After work I jumped on the phone bank until 7 and then drove home. I am more a hands on type of person so reaching the people by phone is almost comical for me. Not my niche. I am looking forward to folding more flyers and putting together the yard signs.

I am focused for now.

Kudo's for the fresh pears from the Mexican market. I picked up a bag of Bartlett pairs over the weekend and they are perfect. I love Bartlett pairs especially when they are yellow speckled and are ripening...mmmm... The key thought they are only at the perfection stage for a few days, prior they are hard not tasty, later they are mush.


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