Thursday, April 09, 2009

This is my last weekend home for awhile and the movie line up is dismal.

My daughter and I have been crawling back to our roots in an effort to find comfort.
It is not what you think.
It started maybe five weeks ago and now we cannot stop.
We order Thai Food
Larb Gui with Sticky rice
Tom Yum
Sticky Rice and Mango
Coconut Ice cream.
We split all dishes evenly and we eat all of it.
The soup is just spicy enough we have to gulp ice water.
The Larb is fresh and with crunchy peanuts.
The sticky rice is perfectly glutonous.
The Mango is sweet and the coconut on the sticky rice makes it perfect.
The coconut ice cream is heavenly.
We are on visit number two this week and I am sure we will be there again soon.

We are not Thai on the outside, but our palate is rooted.


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