Saturday, October 10, 2009

this is what they suggest

First, pause for a moment. And another.
It's not unusual to feel shock or denial, and it may take a few days, or even longer, to accept that this is actually happening. For some people, it's hardest to feel so out of control of life. It might help you to know that:
For most patients, there are many treatment options and therapies. Much progress has been made in recent years, and the future is hopeful.
Statistics can be misleading; you are unique. Don't focus on the odds; focus on getting the best treatment possible.
Try to keep a positive attitude. It will help you explore treatment options and make wise treatment choices. Recognize, however, that you can't be positive all the time. We call that society's "Tyranny of Positive Thinking."
It's healthy to express your emotions. Go ahead and cry; it's one of the best ways to handle anxiety. It's natural to grieve at your loss -- the loss of your health.


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