Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Nomination of a Supreme Court Judge that has never been a judge is like nominating a lawyer to Secretary of State that has never practiced public diplomacy. I am just thinking out loud today.

WSJ Blog on the Supreme Court Justice Nomination
The president went to Harvard, and barely defeated a primary opponent who went to Yale. His predecessor went to Yale and Harvard, and defeated opponents who went to Yale and Harvard, and Harvard, respectively. The previous two presidents also went to Yale, with Bush I defeating another Harvard grad for the presidency. And once Elena Kagan gets confirmed, every Supreme Court Justice will have attended Harvard or Yale law schools. I know that Harvard and Yale attract a disproportionate percentage of America’s talented youth, but still, isn’t this a bit much? Are there no similarly talented individuals who attended other Ivy League schools, other private universities or (gasp!) even state law schools?


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