Thursday, June 09, 2011

How to make Moroccan Tea

How to make Moroccan Tea
Add two tablespoons of loose green tea (Sultan - yellow/green box) To a Teapot

Pour one cup of boiling water over top.

Let sit for a minute

Pour one cup of the tea into a glass slowly without shaking. Let sit.

Poor another cup of very hot water into the teapot and shake and swirl the loose tea.

Pour a second cup of tea - this will be discard.

They believe by shaking the tea and water together any dirt will be washed away as the tea leaves have opened.

Pour the first tea glass back into the pot and fill the pot with hot water leaving enough room to add the mint leaves.

Place the tea pot back over the heat and reboil. Remove from heat and add a handful of fresh mint leaves.

Add approximately 3/4 cups of sugar to the pot.

To mix the sugar tea you should slowly pour cups of tea and filter from the glass to the pot several times.
When you serve the team pour the tea so that each glass has foam on top. This represents good tea.

Also, it is said that if you stir with a metal spoon it ruins the flavor so avoid at all costs!



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