Monday, October 10, 2011


I am not superstitous.
But I have never been a fan of the number 13.
This year marks 13 years since my mom last took a breath here on earth and of course I am not a fan of that yet.
We are celebrating her tonight in a small way at the Cracker Barrel.
She loved that place and often chose that place for familiarity and consistency.
Chelsea was little then and she would walk her through the toys and candy areas while we waited.

13 misses

  1. her laugh

  2. her handwriting

  3. seeing her twirl her hair

  4. snippets Guiding Light

  5. her excitement for flea marketing and cookies jars

  6. Christmastime with her

  7. Tabu perfume

  8. her tenacity

  9. compassion

  10. practical opinions

  11. her excitement for Chelsea

  12. her voice

  13. her hands



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