Wednesday, January 04, 2012

one off for Iowa

But I am sure I will not be that luck for NH and SC.

1. Romney – most stable of the pack.
2. Paul – most unstable of the pack, but he is likeable in that crazy uncle kind of way. came in 3rd
3. Santorum - solid on the social issues, but right now that is not the issue came in 2nd
4. Gingrich – I know…. -
5. Perry - a Texan, AF Veteran
6. Bachman – solid -
7. Huntsman – like him – but they say he is a wolf in sheeps clothing.

They are now headed to New Hampshire - I wish I could head that way for the chaos.
The Caucus here is Feb 7th, My daughter's 21st birthday.
21 years ago I did not even understand the caucus process and I am not sure I even completely understand it now.

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