Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cheers to Ray!

My Tribute to Ray!

Happiest of days. Celebrate your Birthday

I hope that you find happiness and peace now and all days to come.

Enjoy dragging your line through the water looking for a misguided trout.

Enjoy walking through your beautiful yard that you and my mom cared for by hand.

Get a kick out of NASCAR fodder.

Surf the stocks and find a good deal.

Have a good meal and laugh a little.

You are such a good grandpa to Chelsea and Abby and Elliot.

And now an example for Ocean to look up to.

Thank you for Always willing to pick up the slack and give us sound advice and support.
I needed that! Your love and support is important to us!

I repsect and love that you cared for mom during tough times!

And still continue to for your mom during aging struggles. It is not easy and you are doing all that you can.
We miss you and love you!

Happy Birthday and Be blessed.

Debbie and Chelsea

Devin & Ocean


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