Friday, July 20, 2012

I could not put this book down but I tried to make it last four days. I am attempting to savor something that it is not something that is hundred percent easy to ingest.

I read memoirs, a lot. Everyone has a story to tell. Brian Castner, (His Personal webpage and blog) an Air Force EOD officer tells his story is uncomfortably familiar.

On page 33 – I did not see it coming. His friend died in country. I read the last few sentences, put the book down and went to yoga.  Only to read later that he find peace in Mountain Pose - tadasana.

Page 47 – I think about this all the time. “Everything about Iraq sucked. I loved it.”
I understand that.

New Yorker Review

Read this book.

Pass this book along.

Support the Brian Castner’s of the world.

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