Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Beyond Good Intentions

Completely devoured the book  Beyond Good Intentions by Tori Hogan.
It was one of those times reader/book connection.
Since, I feel I am on this quest to find out just what I should be doing.
Although, I will argue with myself and say I am right where I should be at this exact time.
I am talking more long term - Next phase - Big picture.
Her book makes you think about foreign aid and the business of foreign aid itself.
Ultimately, big and small programs can be successful or completely harmful and it is the people themselves that make the difference.
Just like in all endeavors. Right? But sometimes when you are too close to something you do not see it.

My support plan is all over the board at the moment
Zonta Pikes Peak
FOB Colorado
I am Created Equal
Human Trafficking Task Force

Home for Our Troops

I support two missionaries one in Greece helping refugees and one in Azerbaijan.

I occasionally throw donations at walks, runs and hikes for charity.
And then I support politics - My choosing

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