Saturday, June 07, 2014

I have not posted anything in awhile.

I really had an amazing May and have had great opportunities the last few months and I have very little if any anything legitimately to complain about.

BUT last night I was so caught up in an event that I actually felt the hate coming on me.

Many good things...  Red Rocks Amphitheater is a great place to see a concert. A week ago, I received a call to go to a show wit h people that are near and dear to my heart. I said, yes. I have plenty of time on my hands (which is a whole separate issue) and I want to take in every bit of Colorado that I can. The stars and views from there are amazing.

I get there – easy drive, good parking, and amazing seats. I connect with the people I am meeting and the concert begins. We try to track down coffee as the night is chilly but nothing and no big worries for sure. I think a vendor should approach RR as an business opportunity.

But the people in front of me immediately began to irritate me.

They had a group of five. Two of them obviously in their early 20’s and their parents. The dad breaks out a plastic flask and shares with everyone. Ok, I got it. You snuck it in… Good for you.
But then breaks out his pipe and continues to spark shit up for the next 3 hours. Really, dad?  Sharing with his family. How honorable. By the end of the night I had the urge to push him as hard as possible could, but I restrained. I was seriously strategizing how I could hurt him.
Was he causing any real issues, no, but he just disgusted me to the point where I was completely furious. Have fun, be free, live life but get some class. Sure, you can call it recreational – but watching him  me sick to my stomach.  It made me hurt for the people that struggle with addictions and the people that watch it.

On my drive home at 1am- I kept thinking one week ago I was doing a GORUCK challenge and it was awesome with no sense of time but the drive from the concert Denver was agonizing! 

I know I  probably seem like I am talking in contradictions – I believe in Freedom. But I felt so flippin’ frustrated, I was out raged.  I better stick to live music in small venues!




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