Sunday, January 08, 2017

Book 2

Thousand Naked Strangers by Kevin Hazzard

Memoirs are the best and this is another good one..

In his new book, A Thousand Naked Strangers, Hazzard chronicles his experiences as a paramedic — and explains how it is that so many of his patients came to him partially clothed.
"There's just the huge range of people for whatever reason — whether it's mental illness or just had way too much fun last night — find themselves out in the street partially or completely naked and need to be dealt with in one way or another," Hazzard says.
But Hazzard says that even when he saved a life, his patients weren't always grateful. "Just as you're expecting a thank-you, someone says, 'Hey, when you pulled me off that balcony that I was dangling from, you ripped my shirt!' "


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