Sunday, January 08, 2017

the new old

I ushered 2017 in on small base in the middle of the middle east.
It is January - the weather is welcoming and I am comfortable.
I look back at just this year alone and it has been filled with adventure, fulfillment, and honestly the pain of life that exists as we exist.
I spent almost twelve months of it pretending I live in New Mexico but never spending more than 2-3 weeks there at a time.
I finally reached United Gold status only to be gone a year and not enjoy the perks.
I traveled for fun, for work, for drill, for volunteering and for family. I found myself both in the mountains and near the water. In Nova Scotia and Bainbridge Island -- More so than I have in a long time. My discovery revealed I am both a mountain girl and a water girl.

There are still some pretty significant things I cannot explain.
And not I am not sure 2017 is going to make some of them any clearer.

I will try to log things that seem relevant along the way for perspective now and later.

I guess my big goal for 2017 is to keep learning.
Obviously, I am going to save more, give more and do more. But there is something to learn in all of this...
By the end of the year I would like to have my eye set on buying something permanent. I do like the transient life but I do feel like I need to have a plan.
Well a plan besides buying a kayak and gear.
Everyone is asking what is next? I ask myself that.
They say you will know when you have out stayed your welcome.
I sure hope so.

As always I am starting my walking cycle varying from morning to night as the schedule opens.
I have to walk.

Taco Tuesday. 1/5/2017

Pop culture goes over my head sometimes and the infatuation with Taco Tuesday is pretty funny.
How did this start and secondly, why?
At lunch everyone was coming in excited about Tuesday.
I wandered down to the DFAC with some hesitation - I kinda of expected to be bummed but I was hoping atleast I could pull some decent chips and salsa. I mean honestly for a single person like my self add some sour cream and a beer and that is dinner on a busy night at home.
Here, well. It was ok. I just can't get excited about it.  But the people serving are very nice and that makes the differece
I have standards for pico, salsa and for guacamole. Now understand I am not meaning to be ungrateful.
In a few weeks I will be able to hit up the grocery store.
For the last year cucumbers and radishes are the go to.
And thankfully we have plenty of cucumbers but the radish is hard to find at the DFAC.
I am drawn to the crunch and snap of it all.
I am grateful for the toaster in the morning and real butter.
English muffin or wheat toast. You, know white girl stuff.

Day one they got me.
Apparently the unit before us has about dozen plastic snakes that they place strategically in places to scare people.
And they get me every time.
This morning I found one in the freezer.
They tuck them under sandbags and under my desk.
I do not even find this funny and it makes me say F%ck a lot.


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