Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My daughter has officially banned me from watching my netflix movies with the family.
My choices suck in her words.
So, this morning I put in a movie when she left for school.
I am working from home today, the carpet guy is coming from 12-2.

I watched Two Weeks. Two Weeks movie site It stars Sally Field. She does a great job!

At a few points I was sobbing. The kind of emotion where your chest begins to heave.
The movie is about a family dealing with the final days of their mother's life. The hospice, the choices and the conversations.
Last week was the nine year anniversary of my mom's death.
Some days I am thankful she is not suffering and that she spent quality time with my daughter and some days I just want to f***ing scream.

So, I recommend this movie. Watch it. Continue to heal. Continue to educate yourself about the dying process, you can never be prepared enough.


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I too am being monitored

Thursday, October 18, 2007 7:45:00 AM  

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