Saturday, October 06, 2007

Top Five Frivolous Purchases for today:

5. Two small single serving Peach Pies fresh from the oven at Wild Oats for $4.99 each.
4. 1.79 pounds ofTree ripe Nectarine's @3.49 per pound chosen by my husband that purchased for $6.14 worth!
3. NY Strip steak for hubby for $11.99. He likes a good steak.
2. 30 cans of Hawaiian Sun drinks for $22.00 - Very long story - but for years we could not find this juice. When we were stationed in Hawaii it became our favorite. We have recently found a great place to purchase it - There is a new Asian Pacific Grocery that opened fifteen minutes away and I am enjoying it!
1. and...... Two Zebra Mix Baking kits for kids. The packaging is perfect and eye catching. They are geared towards younger bakers, mind you my daughter is sixteen and received the Mango Kitchen Aid for Christmas last year, but I could not resist. I picked up the cupcake and chocolate chip cookie mixes. Check out the website. They were $4.99 each at Wild Oats, which is ridiculously expensive... Making it our number one silly purchase of the weekend.

We are going to start watching Season One of Rome tonight, I am looking forward to it.


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