Monday, November 05, 2007

Quick recap.
I made it through the week feeling a little punch drunk. Filled with both highs and lows.
I had a meeting with my new boss. Everything is just peachy.

Friday night we went to chinese with the neighbors. I had drill this weekend, so I wanted to make it quick and easy.

All was well. I sat the alarm for 0500. My daughter returned from BK about 11. I told her that I was happy she came straight home, as I had started not to feel great. My tummy was bubbling. By 1133 I was full force into projectile vomiting which lasted until 0342. I felt as if someone had hit me with a truck. When the alarm rang, I hit snooze a few times but then decided it was just best for me to get up and drive the 90 minutes to drill. I actually felt a bit better. I continued to throw up at drill and waited until 3pm to make the drive home. I skipped drill on Sunday and slept about 20 hours between Saturday evening and this morning. (I really hate to skip drill, because the make up process can be a pain sometimes.)

But, I am going to put all of that ugliness behind me and have a good week. I have a bunch of things at work and the house to do. Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away.
We have Operation Christmas Child and Community Holiday baskets to create.


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