Monday, January 28, 2008

In just two sentences she had me smiling.

AWTM had me smiling with just one thought today.
I started to think about my "jewelry" box. It is almost hard to call it that, but it is what it is.
So, to share something personal I am opening my boxes to you.

Box 1

Extra buttons
A Pearl that we got at the Hawaiian Marketplace in Honolulu in 1992 in the orginal package
An Army Unit Citation Award
An Amway pin
Mickey Mouse lapel pin
An Opal ring that has a cracked band
A beautiful ring that was given to me by moms favorite Aunt, Aunt Maria
A magnet from my old church
Random clip on earrings from Casual Corner in the mid 90's (I do not have my ears pierced)
A winnie the pooh charm bracelet
The head of a Dalmation pin

Box 2

A cookie cutter from my mom
More random Army "stuff"
A rosary blessed by the Pope in Rome
A black Army buckle
A SGM coin
A snoopy cartoon pin
A Guardian Angel pin that I grabbed while cleaning out my grandma's things at the nursing home
a pocket knife
a random silver chain
a razor

Note: these were not staged or prepared for presentation (obviously). I have no idea why I have these things here.


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