Sunday, December 30, 2007

We had a bit of excitement at the home tonight.
After weeks of moderately begging and gravelling I bought him the Food Saver. He has been fixated on this idea and really thought we needed this machine/gadget.
We also about 30 lbs of Chicken and Pork from Sams Club.
He sealed and labeled for an hour or so. Then he zipped up leftovers and rice. THEN we get this great idea to make meatloaf and individually save it for his lunches.
We grab an older recipe from a Campbell's Soup cookbook and run out to pick up 6 lbs of ground beef, tomato soup and bread crumbs. Note: I said 6 lbs, that is a lot if beef. I maybe eat chicken twice a week. I do not eat beef or pork or wildgame. This is all on him. He grabs the Tupperware Thatsa bowl and mixes up the recipe filling 3 large pans.
Imagine in the entire oven filled with "meat-stuff". He bakes them, lets them cool, slices them and food saves all of them. I kid you not, we stayed up late in my standards...10:30. I read and watched the New England Patriots Game.
I will say that it is still happening. My eyes get misty and my throat tightens when they sing the National Anthem and every time they play those Army Strong commercials. If I was not already a veterans of 19 years, I would totally join just by watching those ads.


Blogger vana said...

= ) hah. My mommy has a food saver too. She's obsessed... I miss you Mrs. Debbie. = ) I hope you had a good christmas!

Monday, December 31, 2007 10:26:00 PM  

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