Monday, February 11, 2008

Last week the Caucus in our little Precinct was very interesting, unorganized and upbeat.
We had about 50 adults in one classroom.
I helped out the senior woman checking in and verifying IDs.
The chairperson was completely overwhelmed and at one point I suggested that I read from the script that was given to us for the explanation of a delegate.
We have a 15 people interested in 7 delegate positions.
I am torn at what has happened to the party's landscape.
Personally, I love and respect John McCain and I like Mike Huckabee. BUT we need some that can take a strong stance on economics and is competitive against the other side.
I know some have compared Obama to JFK - I call BS. He might be a great orator, but his experience is dismal and his moral ideas are questionable. And Hilary, I cannot even go there.
I think what strikes me a bit differently than others, when we elect a President or a Governor we are electing my new boss!


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