Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The yard is beginning to shape. Our garbage can is filled to top with yard debris and crap, literally. I have small row mounds in the garden. I am afraid I might might be a bit early, but with a little chance I might make. I need to buy a bale of Hay to use as insulation for the pending seedlings. That is on my to do list. For some reason I love hay, I know random, but growing up in rural Michigan hay was common, essential.
I met with the tax accountant yesterday and the good thing is that we do no owe what the IRS audited us. We will owe some..Another unexpected expense. It seems as of late they are monthly. I guess I need to just add into my budget... unexpected stress and $$. The accountant was really nice though. Considering... Immediately after I had to have a Filet-O-Fish, Comfort food of sorts.
In the coming weeks we have baby showers, birthdays and wedding showers. I need to run to Hallmark and pick up a dozen cards it seems. We received two graduation announcements in the mail yesterday. What throws me is that both of these girls are my daughters close friends and the reality of that is that she will be next.... We are already talking about senior pictures and etc.. She left the Burger King job about a month ago and had a great interview at Noodles and Company yesteraday. She had the job in just a few hours and starts this week. She is used to having her own money now! The days are getting busy so I have less time to read. Bummer, I really do like the alternative.
My brother turned 39 this month and my niece turned two. Hard to believe. All of the news is not good news elections, economy and the Mormons in Texas. I am trying to ignore all of that now.


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