Wednesday, August 13, 2008

great idea

We thought.
Last night we decided to ride our bikes to the local farmers market about 5- 6 miles - really not too far.
We have 3 bikes and but two were flat. My husband quickly pumped up the one and we took off.
Half way down my daughter my daughter was riding the one recently aired. She noticed the front tire was acting weird so we switched.
We made it to the market with no problem. And it was pretty decent. We picked up green beans, Anaheim green chile, an eggplant, 6 chicken tamales and a fresh loaf of bread.
On the way home things fell apart.
the tire went completely flat. There was slight grade increase making in completely not capable of riding the flat front tire bike. So, we began to walk. About 2/3 of the way home the rubber part of the tire completely fell off the metal rim.
At that point we decided to drop the bike and walk to grandma's...
My husband later recovered the bike.
I guess we will laugh about that one for awhile. We got in some cardio between the incline and laughing so darn hard.
This morning the hubby and I are taking the chicken tamales to work. I made a PB&J for the daughter with the yummy bread and I will kick up some of the veggies tomorrow.
Next time, we prepare better and we take more money.


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