Friday, August 15, 2008

I have one day to do last minute runnning around. (Literally, I have the annual phyisical tomorrow. The PT test.) Wish me luck.
I need to fill the freezer with quick meals, pick up laundry soap, cat food and dog food. Everything else will sustain while I am attending to the needs in Denver. I tried to get a hotel for one of the nights, not a chance all the prices are doubled, I will stay on a cot one night next week and then beginning on Friday night we are secured! My niece's wedding is in two week and I am not going to be able to help with any of the minutes touches. But, I am excited about the big day.
I spoke with my Brigade Commander and we are going to share rides 3-4 of the days. We have formation at 6 am which means we need to meet at 0430.... I am not sure who had that great idea, but I have to roll with it.
Did you get a chance to see any of the interviews on cspan this week? Cried like a little girl only about ten times. I was just so moved.

Last night we had Michael over for a few hours, my daughter picked him up.
She said he walked into the house, straight to the kitchen, straight to the refrigerator and announced it was time for a bottle....arghh...

The garden produced zucchini and collards greens this week. Both were delicious. Three peppers were ready for picking, but they had some odd brownish red spots. I cut around them and they were pretty good. I think we will continue to get a few more squash over the next couple of weeks and the greens are plentiful. The cucumbers got off to a slow start, so I am not sure what they will produce.

I need stop at the library and the post office.


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