Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Well, the surprise was a surprise.
We did it . We planned a 60th birthday party for Grandpa Ray and he had no idea.
We arrived in Monroe on Thursday night and 'hid" until the party on Sunday afternoon.
When he walked around the corner by the pool he looked at my daughter and said hi to her, but the look on his face was priceless. We got him!.
We had a nice showing of folks and the food, weather and cake turned out great.
Pictures to post later.
I am enjoying the time home. Things really do not change here. The subtle differences are noted. We invited a few of our older neighbors to the surprise party and I will have to say they are getting older! It was nice chatting with them. The condition of the roads here are horrible. Potholes take on a new meaning here, my daughter even mentioned she was glad she did not learn to drive here!
We visited several thrift stores and antiques stores. a hint... kids are buying records again. My daughter picked up a few to add to her collection. So, if you have tucked away wondering how you might get rid of them...
I am anxious to visit with old friends.


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