Monday, October 20, 2008

First take away of the weekend

Please talk to everyone you know about the importance of this election.
If you work hard and are proud of the work you have accomplished please fight for your rights.
I serve my country and work my butt off for a major US company.
I choose to provide the healthcare options for my family and at which level I wish to provide. If you do not have health care and you are working, go to your employer and hold them accountable, you have options other than vote for socialized medicine.
I give my time and my fruits to my community and would prefer to keep it that way. I do not mind helping people and giving others a hand or leg up if they need it. BUT I would prefer to do this at a local level not cycle it up to Washington DC and then hope it makes down to the my community later.

Conduct real research on the candidates do not just cling to snippets and slogans.

Sarah Palin is legit. I saw her this morning and I was impressed. I will post pics later. I took three 17 year old girls with me. I hope their biggest take away is that they can do whatever they desire and the ceiling does not exist.

Colin Powell – Well, if the Obama camp wins, I know he will be in the executive cabinet based on his endorsement on Sunday.


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