Thursday, October 02, 2008

College Applications are being mailed and scholarship requirements are being written. This task is exhausting her, but her personality does not afford her to approach it any differently.
We are proud of her on many levels. Two weeks ago she decided to enroll in an sculpture class at Fine Arts Center. Hesitantly I forked over the cash, but she loves and it if you divide it out it is the same cost as therapy appoints for eight weeks. She is the youngest and noted most of them were old, at least 35. (What?)
I have to say I love volunteering in the evening the campaign office was in full swing last night and they had about 35 volunteers. It was fun. For a change, I feel excited about something real. You know I love a project and I love to be in the "do" of the project. Many times at work I am involved in projects but operationally they are just projects and the outcome is indifferent meeting the requirement of participating, this is different.
I have drill this weekend so I will take a two-day hiatus from campaign headquarters. I called to find out if we needed anything prepped. We are doing nothing this weekend. I am seriously thinking of leaving my current unit. I have a few leads.

Today I was out there from 7:17- 7:47.
I was running behind and needed Starbucks. I switched to the opposite side of the intersection today to just mix it up. One gentleman that drives a large semi truck always gives me the thumbs down but I just smile and wave.
Today, though I totally cracked me up. A school bus was stopped at the light and some young middle school girls with pink hoodies began to flip me off. I started laughing and then I started waving. They thought they were so cool. Too funny.


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