Thursday, November 20, 2008

How to Participate in the Oral History Project
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National Journal welcomes anyone who has served with the U.S. military in Iraq or Afghanistan to participate in the Oral History project. Active-duty service members, reservists, National Guard troops, retirees and veterans from all branches and of all ranks are included. Public affairs officers should feel free to contact National Journal on behalf of unit members who would be interested in participating.

A typical Oral History interview takes about 60 to 90 minutes. Some are shorter, some are longer, and a few individuals speak to National Journal for several hours over multiple sessions. Most participants speak for the record and are quoted in subsequent articles, but you may designate part or all of the interview as off the record. We will not quote you or name you in any publication without your consent.

Given the large number of participants, not all individuals who agree to be quoted actually will be quoted in a published article -- but every interview adds to our base of knowledge about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and we appreciate the contributions of everyone who takes the time to share their story with us.

To learn more about National Journal's project on the Oral History of Iraq and Afghanistan, or to ask about participating, please contact:

Sydney J. Freedberg Jr.
Staff Correspondent, National Journal
Phone: (202) 739-8418
Mail: 600 New Hampshire Avenue, N.W. / Washington, D.C. 20037


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