Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Real Hope

This story gives me Hope for America.
Military brides get wedding gowns of their dreams - for free

All's fair in love and war - and at a Long Island bridal shop yesterday, all was free, too.
Across the country, including in Merrick, wedding dress stores were giving away frothy frocks to military brides in honor of Veterans Day.
"I was bawling like a baby. I couldn't believe it," said Tanira Christhonte, 24, of Mark Freeman, 29, a Marine staff sergeant who is working as a recruiter in Hempstead after serving two tours in Iraq. With the cost of the dress making up a fifth of her wedding budget, Christhonte said she was about to settle for a thrift store castoff.
"I already resigned myself to just getting an okay dress and making do, because I wanted a good wedding," she said.

I sent an email of thanks to the boutique owner Moonlight Couture Robyn Goldowski 1613 Merrick road Merrick,New York 1156 Phone: 516.868.1500 Fax: 516.868.1878 Email: moonlightcouture @


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