Sunday, December 28, 2008

I was able to take two boxes to Goodwill yesterday and fill up most of the trash can. My recycle stash is overflowing.
A bit of progress.
Today, I should be able tackle a few more things.
I have a turkey in the oven I picked up on sale at Safeway. This will make nice leftovers for a few days.
We are off to Chuck E Cheese for Ryan's birthday later in the day. The weather is stunning sunny and crisp.
Friday we have an eye appointment for my daughter to have a civilian doctor test her color blindness. I am stunned that she is red green color by Army standards. How did I not know this? I am equally as stunned that it closes the door on 95% of female jobs in the Army.

Our friend's wife her lost her life to cancer last night. This was painful to watch as the cancer was very aggressive.


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