Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Ok - Today was odd...

I went to my annual physical today.
I picked up my paperwork for complete blood work and got a referral to an ortho dr to take a look at my knee.
It has been bothering me for the last few weeks. My insurance plan covers one full physical a year for preventative care. I usually just let the Guard take care of routine blood work, but I opted to get a civilian screening this time.
So, I can check that off the list for a year and she said no mammogram again until the big 40.

I stopped into the thrift store to find a recycled basket I need for a gift. I found the basket and two pair of jeans. Grandpa sent all of us some money for Christmas. I picked up a sweater and my daughter a pair of pants for BK.

My daughter has to travel to Denver tonight to be ready for MEPS in the morning, so I took her to the recruiter and made sure she was safely in the car and double checked that the recruiter and I would meet in the morning and ride up to speak with career counselor before she signs anything. For the most part I am little numb. But, I press forward.

My neighbor and I sponsored a single soldier with 3 teen children for the Christmas. She is in the Warrior Transition Unit. I called them a few weeks ago to see if I could lend a hand to someone and they provided me with a name. I drove to her Battalion to meet her and pass along the gifts. I offered to take her to lunch and she took me up on it. Right there on the spot. So, today I had an enjoyable lunch at Panera with a fellow female soldier that could use a hand and shoulder. I swear God places me in situations I would not be able to even make up! I found out that her needs are a little more than the small gifts we provided and I am going to try to get a food basket from our church and maybe mention it to a few others for after the holidays.


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